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HDS054 Disinfectant Station Sell Sheet HDWC020 Disinfecting Products
Beyond Clean...

HD Chem provides the highest quality dish machine, kitchen, laundry, linen, bathroom, and cleaning products for top restaurants, hotels, and businesses throughout Southern California. More importantly, HD Chem always goes beyond clean.

Service: HD Chem provides the very best service. Sure everyone can say this, but HD Chem is built on it. We are proud of our 99.6% satisfaction rating. We guarantee prompt, personal, service, because we focus strictly on local businesses. Our technicians visit your business to maintain the optimal performance of your machines and chemicals so that your dishes and linens stay clean. We proactively handle all of your washing needs and we are here for you 24/7 so that you can keep your focus where it should be.

Expertise: HD Chem products are developed in conjunction with Eversoft – THE water experts. Eversoft has been helping restaurants, hotels, country clubs, wineries, assisted living facilities, and other top businesses, improve their water quality for more than 40 years so when we come to you, we do so with an unmatched understanding of your individual needs. We know better than any of our competitors how to get the very best results based on your water’s unique composition.

Reliability: HD Chem’s combination of the highest quality products, the very best service, and unbeatable expertise, allows us to provide exceptional reliability. The most demanding restaurants, motels, nightclubs, golf clubs, nursing homes, and businesses throughout Southern California rely on HD Chem to guarantee their dishes, kitchens, and linens are spotless.

Did you know???

Did you know that a restaurant will lose points on a health inspection for hand polishing flatware? With HD Chem's Rinse Aid, your flatware will shine on its own and never need polishing! SEE RINSE-AID >>

Other Important Health Guidelines Include The Following:
  • All food utensils are washed, rinsed, and sanitized after each use.
  • Food contact surfaces and equipment are cleaned and sanitized once every 4 hours or as required.
  • Approved sanitizer solution is available and maintained on site.
  • 3-compatment sink set up is available and maintained when manually washing utensils.
  • Sanitizer solution test kit is available.
  • A sanitizer solution for storage of wiping rags is available in food preparation areas.
  • Wiping rags are stored in a sanitizer solution in between uses.
  • Sanitizer solution with rags is stored away from food to prevent contamination

The number one reason people chose whether or not to return to a restaurant is the cleanliness of its dishes, glasses, and flatware...FIND OUT MORE >>
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